Ok so yeah we have little time for ourselves and that usually includes doing other things rather than updating a blog. Instead of writing, I’ll just post pics and videos:

A year in photos….

Here’s the real year in photos link.


Selena and Phoenix got a scooter for Christmas…

Selena’s First Scooter from elichris on Vimeo.

Mom got a scooter for Christmas…

Mom on a Scooter from elichris on Vimeo.

Phoenix and I had serious conversations:

Talking with Phoenix from elichris on Vimeo.

Other memorable stories:

Snoqualmie Falls Visit
Disneyland Trip
Christmas 2014 pics





Selena sings from elichris on Vimeo.

Easter was a lot of fun. The Easter bunny hid tons of eggs and the girls went nuts from sheer excitement and from too much candy. You can see in the image above how they destroyed the kitchen in literally two minutes.

As the weather gets nicer, we’re spending lots of time hiking, playing in the yard, planting, bike riding and running and just burning energy.

Selena Update

Selena is using her imagination more and more. She loves painting, expressing herself, reading and doing dramatic play. She dances and sings often and loves her new CD player from the Easter bunny. She’s often heard singing, “Let it go, let it go…” the songs from Frozen and never gets sick of hearing it. Daddy and I now moan when that song comes on.

The other day she had pink mittens on her hands and I told her they were nice and she told me, “thanks I was born with them.”

She’s very inquisitive and I have a lot of fun observing and interacting with her.

Phoenix Update

Phoenix is testing us more and more and has figured out how to climb onto the dining room table. The other day Peter wouldn’t let her have markers (her favorite art tool that she draws all over herself with) so she climbed onto the table and got them, and that about sums up her personality as I’ve seen it evolve. She now yells, “mom, mom, mom,” when I turn and look, she is usually doing something she’s not suppose to do, like dancing on the table.

Phoenix also loves Frozen and often sings along with her sister with her limited vocabulary. She has also become interested in the potty at 18 months and has used the tiny potty twice. I was very excited until I saw her stand in the potty and put her hands in her mess. She has part of the concept, so we’ll keep encouraging her.

Peter and Eli Update

We just had our 5 year wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for 13 years and friends for 16. It was nice to celebrate and enjoy each other. It’s hard with kids, so we’re trying to make sure we get our time in and lately it’s making a big difference. I’m so lucky to have such a great family here and in New Orleans.

We saw the passing of a great woman, Mary Kerr, and I wish I could have been home to hug everyone. I’m not able to fly in to celebrate her life with our family, but I’ll celebrate her in other ways. I’m so glad to have known her and am thankful she had a full 92 years of life and it was indeed a life well lived. I can only hope to be so lucky.

Selena had a birthday

She had a fairy and frog frolic dance party.

Uncle Ryan, Uncle Mike and cousin Andy came to visit for Selena’s party and all of Selena’s buddies joined her to dance. Here are highlights.

More dancing – 4th bday Selena from elichris on Vimeo.

Dance party – 4th Bday from elichris on Vimeo.


Ok worse present ever. Ryan ordered an additional 200 balls for this “fun center,” which made it a grand total of 300 balls. I’m finding them everywhere. The kids love them and it’s like a dream come true…for them. Again, I’m finding balls everywhere.

Peter had a birthday

Complete with lots of fun presents and a personal bday crown.

As the cake shows….Peter turned four.peter-bday

Mom had a birthday

We celebrated in style with steak and a personal birthday crown.


Selena’s 4 year check-up

She’s all good and has no more shots until she’s 11! We celebrated with ice cream and dinner at a fancy restaurant, Red Robin :)


Sisters are awesome


Christmas Recap

Christmas was awesome. We spent a lot of time with family.

We had our bout with sickies; Phoenix had a ruptured eardrum on the plane, ended up having an ear infection. She had an allergic reaction to her medicine. Selena had high fevers throughout the week and overall stuffiness and problems sleeping and Phoenix barfed one night. Needless to say it was stressful with the sickness, but great to see all the family.
Christmas Christophers

Christmas at the Voigts


Christmas with the Mattinglys

How could I forget Thanksgiving

We had a full house and fun times.


Phoenix Walks from elichris on Vimeo.

She has finally started walking at 10 1/2 months. Go Phoenix go…and now she’s really into everything.

She’s been tired lately from using all these new muscles and sleeping in and taking extra long naps….woot!

Phoneix finally said Selena’s name

We’ve been waiting and wondering what she would say and finally, “Neena.” Very cute.

Here’s a pic from our beach trip to Moclips, WA

It was nice to finally check out the WA beaches and Granny came along. Fun times and fun memories.

From 4thofJuly-Moclips2013


Selena is bursting with energy here. She had school all day, went to happy feet ( soccer for wee ones), then went to swim lessons. What will wear her out?

Phoenix is taking a few steps, still not walking, but almost there. She is however getting into everything.

I’ve got to keep a close eye on these energetic sisters.